A Dog’s Life Is Ruff: Spent Grain Dog Treats

 Posted on: September 1st 2014

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin and “Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend”…SO, why not combine our love of beer and dogs to create the ultimate treat: Spent Grain Dog Biscuits.

For those of you who homebrew on a somewhat regular basis, you’ve got lots of left over grain from the mash. Instead of throwing it away, why not use it to create a treat for your pup or your friend’s pups?

If you are not a homebrewer, ask your local brewery for their spent grain and on the day that it is ready, just show up with a huge tupperware dish and dig in!

Not only is the smell delightful (like your Grandma’s homemade oatmeal), but we can reuse this stuff for farm feed and baking!

Here’s how:

Recipe for Spent Grain Dog Treats

4 C spent grain from your local brewery or homebrewer
2 C flour
2 large eggs
1 C natural peanut butter

Blend all ingredients together with your hands in large bowl, then roll out on flour coated surface and use cookie cutter to make desired shapes. Put onto cookie sheet and pop in a 350 degree oven for 30 min and then reduce heat to 225 degrees for 2 hrs to get longer lasting treats. Your pups will love ’em!!

Makes approximately 100 small treats.

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